Tax rules are continually changing and are increasingly becoming a source of risk for businesses and individuals. In view of this complexity and the difficulty of monitoring all legislative changes, Orfis supports you and offers you security on all your tax issues.

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Expert advice, available to you on a daily basis, to properly manage your tax obligations. 

As an entrepreneur, your primary area of interest is the growth of your business. You do not have the time or the resources you need to ensure you comply with all tax rules, which are numerous and subject to frequent change. Unfortunately, despite this valid economic priority, the tax authorities do not see things your way... 

We support you in:

  • Anticipating tax impacts associated with operational changes at the business
  • Growing your business activity in France and abroad
  • Anticipating and managing tax investigations

Supporting you with your internal controls specific to invoice management.

VAT is a major issue for public authorities. Everything must be done to avoid losses resulting from this tax, which alone accounts for half of tax receipts. 
It is therefore essential that you ensure that you recover VAT at a time when audits are becoming more intensive and systematic. 

We support you in:

  • Ensuring the recovery of VAT
  • Drafting documentation

A true strategic challenge, particular during audits.

At more than €145 billion, VAT represents more than half of tax receipts. It is therefore the main source of income for the State. Given its importance to the public finances, this tax must be a priority for all French entrepreneurs, either in connection with their international development, or as part of their traditional activity. 

We support you in: 

  • Implementing organisational structures in France and abroad
  • Advising you on the practical application of VAT in France and abroad
  • Reviewing rules and reporting obligations

We support you in growing your business or with specific aspects of your business.

When you grow your business internationally, there are a number of questions you need to answer: 

  • What structure should you adopt for the business (subsidiary or branch)?
  • What VAT regime should be applied on transactions that are carried out? Do you need to charge local VAT?
  • What price should be used on future intra-group transactions (transfer pricing)?
  • Orfis can help you in answering all these questions, drawing on the global organisation to which the firm belongs, Allinial Global International (an alliance of auditing, accounting and consulting firms).

Continual training, to remain up-to-date with constantly changing regulations.
Tax rules change each year, and sometimes even more than once a year. You therefore need to continually update your knowledge of these rules in order to avoid tax adjustments. 
Orfis, as an approved training body, can offer you bespoke training courses for your colleagues. 

We support you in:

  • Training operational teams on VAT issues
  • Checking and optimising your company’s taxable profits
  • Controlling the configuration of your ERP
  • Updating your knowledge

A major issue for entrepreneurs and a complex subject due to the complications of tax rules.

We support you in:

  • Optimising management of your wealth
  • Estate planning and management
  • Your IFI (real estate wealth tax) liability
  • Your IRPP (personal income tax) liability