Financial & accounting expertise

Whether you are an SME/mid-cap, merchant, professional, association, or subsidiary of French or foreign group... we can provide you with support to offer you solutions appropriate to your needs, ensuring that you make the appropriate organisational, strategic, investment and financing choices.

Are you establishing or taking over a business? We can assist you at all key stages of your project.
Are you growing? We can provide you with tools to improve the performance of your business.
Are you selling? We can advise you on the steps to be taken and the decisions to be made.

Les associés référents

Orfis Lyon

Services for decision makers

Orfis Lyon

Jean-Louis FLÈCHE
Auditing - Financial expertise

Orfis Lyon

Auditing - Financial expertise

Orfis Lyon

Valérie MALNOY
Auditing - Financial expertise - Operational efficiency

Orfis Lyon

Jean-Thierry TAVERNIER
Services for decision makers

Our services

Supporting our clients in:

Providing support to management at all phases of the business’s life.

  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of interim statements
  • Auditing your accounts
  • Complying with your accounting and tax obligations
  • Consolidated financial statements


Pre-establishment phase:

  • Learning about the project and feasibility study
  • Drafting business plan/forecasts
  • Assistance with company incorporation
  • Seeking funding
  • Choosing the legal form
  • Optimisation of the manager's employment status
  • Implementation and development of the information system

Post-establishment phase:

  • Implementation of management tools
  • Monitoring and analysis of your business’s development
  • Assistance with your administrative formalities and accounting, tax and social security obligations

Assistance on a variety of issues

  • Analysing economic and financial issues
  • Provisional financial analysis
  • Support for managers during the period in which the issues are dealt with and post-crisis
  • Outsourcing of administrative management

We provide you with support in:

  • Measuring the performance of your business and monitoring the growth of your business
  • Anticipating important decisions and guiding your strategic choices
  • Providing suitable management tools (forecast budgets, dashboards, etc.)
  • Building a relationship of trust with your partners (investors, banks, clients, etc.)

We provide you with support in: 

  • Refocusing on your core business and developing your activities by entrusting all or part of the accounting and financing functions to us
  • Optimising the organisation and performance of your accounting and financing functions
  • Complying with your accounting and tax obligations
  • Benefiting from flexible and scalable solutions
  • Deploying innovative and collaborative software