Our project is based on a core set of shared values: independence, ethics, precision, pragmatism and humility combined with a desire to share and an overarching entrepreneurial spirit. 



Our four business lines provide a transverse approach to current business issues: audit, consulting, accounting and technology & digital expertise.


The partners are closely engaged with their teams during client assignments. Our experts make every effort to deliver successful solutions.


The relationships we build with our clients are based on a sense of mutual trust and we greatly value our teams and the contribution they make to these relationships. We aim to offer every member of our teams an exciting and inspiring career path with the goal of creating an environment of positive professional development.


With over 25 years of experience in each of our professions we advise public and private organizations of all sizes ranging from very small businesses to big groups, including 40 listed companies, mid-caps, small and medium-size businesses, start-ups, institutionions and investment funds. We are also involved with local and national professional bodies.


CSR issues are high on our list of priorities and we take into consideration the long-term impact of our decisions.

CSR covers a wide spectrum of issues which we are committed to take into consideration as we plan for the future. We know that every decision we make in the course of business can have an impact on the well-being of our colleagues and on the environment.


Our agile approach allows us to quickly adapt to changes in the market, be it regulatory, environmental, technological or social. We makesignificant investments in R&D, we participate in professional bodies and working groups, and we strive to anticipate emerging changes in our profession. Our aim is to constantly evolve in order to be able to provide the best possible service to our clients.


Advolis Orfis is organised around a balanced model of ownership and governance which helps to align the interests of all stakeholders and guarantees the stability and independence of the organisation in the long run.

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