Offices & international

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, Advolis Orfis has offices in Paris, Lyon and its surrounding region, Brussels and Hamburg.

Our offices 

Allinial Global

Our experience dealing with international assignments for our clients enables us to propose the most efficient organisational structure to respond to their specific needs.

We assist our clients with their international development initiatives, either through the coordination of a team of affiliated professionals, or through the direct intervention of an Advolis Orfis team.

As an independent member of the Allinial Global association, we provide our clients with local contacts around the world with strong expertise in their fields. Allinial Global has 611 offices in 85 countries:

North America and Canada194
Central and South America59
Europe, Middle East, Africa190
Asia Pacific, Oceania, India168

Key indicators :

  • Turnover of USD 4.1 billion
  • 236 companies
  • 4 000 partners
  • 28 400 employees
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