Risk & performance

Our “Risk and Performance” service brings together employees with a strong “risk” culture and with recognised expertise in the business’s process, information systems and compliance.

Our expertise is based on understanding your business and IT challenges, implementing a methodology based on the best guidelines and the full involvement of out multidisciplinary teams including the Partners, the stakeholders in the work we carry out. We are committed to following an approach that is appropriate to your needs, relevant, bespoke and pragmatic. 

Lastly, our ability to innovate using tools completes the value chain that we offer you. By way of illustration, data mining techniques can be used on engagements that seek to increase operational effectiveness or on forensic engagements to offer a new, and often sharper, perspective. 

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Risk & performance

Advolis Paris

Risk & Performance

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Supporting our clients in:

Risk management is a growing concern for businesses and contributes, beyond the objectives of business continuity and asset protection, to value creation and supports strategy.

We can assist you on a one-off or recurring basis, in assessing and strengthening your risk management system or in carrying out audits on a specific risk:

  • evaluating and improving internal control systems (risk mapping, regulatory, financial and operational aspects);
  • audit of information system governance (strategic and operational aspects);
  • forensic audits (fraud, contractual clauses, financial disputes, etc.).

Operational efficiency is a major driver of performance in a context of heightened competition and acceleration in economic cycles. It is based on an alignment of processes with the organisation’s strategic objectives and the construction of reliable indicators that allow the organisation to securely make decisions and measure the achievement of objectives.

Our approach is based on a combination of expertise (management cycles, business processes and support, new technologies, etc.) as part of a structured methodology. We provide you with support in improving the performance of your organisation over the long-term and strengthening its governance:

  • analysis and optimisation of the structure, processes and management systems;
  • management model, analytical accounting and cost measurement;
  • reducing wait times and activating technological tools;
  • budgeting, reporting and management charts
  • project management & cost controls

The rapid development of technologies, globalisation and the pressure brought about by competition and regulations require businesses to continually adapt their business model, structure and management model. These transformation projects represent both a risk, due to their complexity and the resources that need to be mobilised, and an opportunity to move towards a more agile model.

Our value proposition is based on our in-depth understanding of all aspects of transformation projects – structure, processes, human resources and information systems – allowing us to help you to implement such projects and ensure their success:

  • audit and analysis of complex projects, at implementation or post-implementation phases;
  • assistance in choosing solutions and service providers, assistance with contracting;
  • assistance with project management, support on key phases and with quality assurance;
  • change management.

Information system security is currently one of businesses’ major challenges. It is estimated that 92% of French businesses suffered one or more attacks in 2018, a 48% increase from the previous year. (Source: cyber security barometer 2018).

With a view to protecting their IT assets, businesses therefore need to adapt their security strategies to limit threats (malware, internal fraud, industrial espionage, adverse effects to image, etc.) and have appropriate detection tools at their disposal to react as swiftly as possible. Our value proposition provides protection for your most high risk functions (Treasury, HR, etc.) and offers tailored solutions to complex security issues by drawing on methodologies and market standards (ANSSI, ISO 27001, COBIT, EBIOS, etc.):

  • cyber security and risk management strategy;
  • definition and implementation of control mechanisms at IT and business levels (architecture, applications, identity and access management, separation of tasks, analysis of flows, etc.) to strengthen protection for data and sensitive transactions;
  • Crisis management assistance.

In a global context of increased regulation, controls and sanctions, transparency is a major advantage in maintaining trust.
Regulatory compliance involves complying with a fluid and complex legal framework while remaining sufficiently flexible to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Compliance work affects organisations at all levels, and must allow internal governance to be structured based on guidelines that are appropriate to the issues the business faces.

In meeting this challenge, we can provide you with support so that these regulatory issues can constitute an asset for your organisation, in terms of both trust and performance: 

  • assessment of vulnerabilities;
  • governance and structure of the compliance function;
  • design and roll-out of compliance systems (procedures, controls, training, regulatory monitoring, etc.);
  • assistance with crisis management and external control.