Consolidation & financial information

Our “Consolidation & Financial Information” service is provided by a team that is fully dedicated to the preparation of Financial Information for listed and unlisted groups.

Our teams  combine recognised expertise in consolidation processes and tools (BFC/HFM) with in-depth knowledge of the main accounting principles: IFRS, CRC regulation 99-02, and their operational implementation.

Our service is based on fully understanding your needs and challenges in producing financial information. 
We adapt our approach to your environment and to the structure of your group. Based on proximity and responsiveness, our know-how is based on establishing an efficient and pragmatic partnership in order to work with you to tackle the various challenges you face.

Les associés référents

Advolis Paris

Véronique GENET
Consolidation & Financial information

Orfis Lyon

Christophe VELUT
Valuation - Consultancy - Independant appraisals

Our services

Working closely with your teams, we take charge of the process of drawing up your group’s consolidated financial statements: from consolidation packages to drafting the notes to the consolidated financial statements.

We do not simply want to produce your consolidated financial statements. We also want to recommend areas in which improvements may be made, using a pragmatic and ongoing approach.

By entering into a partnership based on the responsiveness and proximity of our teams, you have constant access to experts trained in the specific issues faced by your group and legislative developments. 

Outsourcing therefore offers major benefits for medium and small groups, whether or not listed, thereby ensuring the continuity and security of the consolidation process and that the financial information is dealt with properly.

Faced with a demanding economic environment and increasingly complex transactions, groups are required to comply with standards and are also constrained by increasingly short production schedules.
Our team provides support to a number of groups on the following types of transaction: 

  • acquisitions, on which they value the assets and liabilities acquired,
  • restructurings and disposals (operational implementation of IFRS 5/estimating gains and losses on disposal),
  • valuing financial instruments (in conjunction with our “Valuation” experts), etc.

With a view to strengthening your internal teams during periods of high activity, or for specific transactions, we can arrange secondments of members of our teams who meet your requirements, who can swiftly integrate into your working environment.

Providing users of the financial statements with financial information that is relevant and reliable is a major challenge at a time when Finance Departments are faced with accounting standards that are complex and constantly changing.

Using our practical experience in preparing consolidated financial statements, our teams can support you in preparing and improving your financial information:

  • reworking the notes to the consolidated financial statements;
  • preparing/drawing up registration documents, etc.;
  • analysing the impact of the first application of new standards;
  • operational implementation of new standards: e.g. IFRS 9, IFRS 15, IFRS 16, etc.;
  • accounting consultations and drafting of technical notes.

The consolidation tool is at the heart of the consolidation process. It must be a high-performing and efficient tool that allows those preparing the financial statements to devote their time to analysing financial information.

Our team has expertise in the business sector together with in-depth knowledge of the leading consolidation tools on the market: HFM and BFC.

In conjunction with our “Risk & Performance” team, we provide you with support on all your system changes:

  • Analysis of needs and drafting specifications;
  • Assistance with choosing a consolidation tool;
  • Drafting the detailed design of the configuration;
  • Drawing up the acceptance testing plan and assistance with acceptance testing;
  • Assistance with transferring historic data.