Auditing & Compliance

In an economic environment that requires participants to work in the general interest, Advolis Orfis is known for its authority, its judgement and its independence.

Advolis Orfis  has proven expertise in working in demanding environments and contexts. Our teams are able to implement, with discernment, professional processes and standards that represent the best possible practices.

Our work relies on our sectoral expertise, our knowledge of accounting rules and our approach that integrates the challenges posed by information systems.

Advolis Orfis  works on international missions with the support of the association it belongs to: Allinial Global International. »

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Our services

Supporting our clients in:

Our audit of annual and consolidated financial statements is based on the provision of expertise that allows you to benefit from:

  • our rapid understanding of your operational and financial issues;
  • our expertise in IFRS and a pragmatic approach to issues raised by both changes in the nature of transactions and changes to the legal framework;
  • analysis of your information systems by our internal team of IT auditors;
  • a proven practice of acting as joint statutory auditor for listed and unlisted groups, based on collaborating with a view to being as effective as possible.

Beyond our audit approach, which is governed by the regulatory framework of professional standards, our differentiating factor derives from the personal commitment of our partners and their desire to integrate, as best they can, the specific nature of your business activities and the expectations of your governing bodies, into our work.

Our expertise is primarily based on extensive experience of capital contributions and mergers, their framework and their requirements. Advolis Orfis  thus helps to ensure that the processes and options used to guarantee the security of this type of transaction are compliant.

Our conclusions then draw on our recognised practice in company valuations and attestation engagements: appraising capital contributions, mergers and specific benefits; Independent expert appraisals on transactions regulated by the AMF (public buy-back offers, public tender offers followed by a squeeze out, etc.); opinion reports on transactions (acquisitions, disposals, etc.), valuations (warrants, trademarks, etc.), impairment tests, etc.

An independent opinion enables shareholders, directors and investors to use their judgement and make their decisions in full knowledge of the facts.

Often referred to as fairness opinions, independent expert appraisals are required on transactions regulated by the AMF (public buy-back offers, public tender offers followed by a squeeze out, etc.) and now generally provided as part of good governance practices where potential conflicts of interest are identified. Our firm’s practices are among the best in the market and we are a member of the working groups of professional valuers’ associations, such as the AEEE and APEI, which is recognised by the AMF. 

References we have obtained in respect of market transactions or from the boards of directors of major groups are testament to our invaluable experience of carrying out such engagements.

In general terms, a monitoring trustee is responsible, on behalf of a competition authority (at EU or national level), for monitoring compliance by businesses with undertakings they make as part of controls on mergers, inquiries into anti-competitive practices or controls on state aid.

In practice, the role of the monitoring trustee is varied and depends on the situation, in particular whether it involves structural undertakings (disposals of assets) or behavioural undertakings (organisational or contractual provisions).

Our teams’ expertise is based on many years of practice and the execution of more than forty appointments as a monitoring trustee. This expertise allows the team, alongside the businesses in question, to anticipate issues in meeting commitments that have been made and to actively contribute to ensuring compliance with those commitments.

Appointed by a judge, a court-appointed expert’s role is to provide a technical opinion on factual matters as part of a defined engagement. In addition to providing his expertise, a guarantee of his authority, the expert must remain strictly impartial.

An expert may also be appointed by a party in connection with litigation or an existing or expected dispute (a “sole party expert”).

However he is appointed, the expert, where necessary, relies on the combination of expertise at our firm (accounting standards, information systems, consolidation, etc.).